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New Renault KOLEOS

Two years after entering the European market, Koleos 2019 has been improved at all levels with a more assertive exterior design and enhanced interior comfort. It also features more powerful and efficient new engines and more on-board technologies.


Renault Koleos has been updated with a more assertive style while keeping the features that single it out among SUVs, with its high-end look, muscular shoulders and harmonious proportions. This includes a more pronounced front grille, new chrome brightwork appears across the whole length of the bumper and extends to the chrome-underlined fog lamps. In the lower part, the bumper has a new and more impressive skid plate which accentuates the vehicle’s adventurous look.

Renault Koleos 2019 also takes care of its look with new alloy wheels – 18-inch “Argonaute” (Zen) with grey diamond finish and 19-inch “Kavea” (Intens) with black diamond finish, also offers a new “Vintage Red” bodywork color.

Inside, Koleos 2019 is still generously proportioned and roomy, while key cabin features have been improved to enhance the comfort and well-being of passengers (a reclining rear bench seat with two positions, front seat cushions can now be extended)

In its INITIALE PARIS version, Koleos 2019 reflects all of Renault’s expertise in terms of elegance, sophistication and comfort.

KOLEOS 2019 adopts the new generation of Renault engines

Renault Koleos 2019 is equipped with a new generation of Blue dCi Renault engines which feature the latest pollution-control technologies, including a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) regarded as the most efficient for the after-treatment of nitrous oxides (NOx). This technology reduces fine-particle emissions without impacting performance. Manufactured at the Cléon plant in France, the engines offer two power levels: Blue dCi 150 X-Tronic et Blue dCi 190 X-Tronic All Mode 4×4-i.

The New Koleos’ Blue dCi engines are combined with state-of-the-art X-Tronic automatic transmission. X-Tronic transmission offers a smoother driving experience, ensuring seamless acceleration without the shift shock when changing gears and reducing revving noise. However, drivers can always opt for seven-speed manual mode transmission to heighten acceleration and engine braking sensations.

The Blue dCi 190 also benefits from real off-road capabilities thanks to its smart 4WD transmission based on the Alliance’s expertise.